Collection: Highland Beef Cuts

Highland cattle are renowned for their exceptional virtues, embodying hardiness, adaptability, and remarkable resilience. Originating from the rugged landscapes of Scotland, these majestic creatures possess a unique set of characteristics that make them well-suited to harsh environments. Highland cattle produce meat of distinct quality and nutrition. Their beef is prized for its exceptional tenderness, succulence, and rich flavor profile, attributed to the breed's slow maturation process and well-marbled muscle fibers. Furthermore, Highland beef boasts favorable nutritional qualities, being lower in fat and cholesterol compared to conventional beef.

How Does Buying Bulk Beef Work?

We believe that the best way to honor, respect, and appreciate the life each animal lived is to use as much of their body as possible, so we take a “nose-to-tail” approach to what we sell. There are no à la carte offerings here - aside from ground beef and our seasonal specialty boxes, we only sell in beef shares.

Our Bulk Box Shares

Apartment Box

15-17 lbs. of Beef
Ground Beef & Prime cuts
Average price is $20/lb.

1/8th Beef Box

35 - 40 lbs of Beef
25 lbs of Ground Beef in 1 lb. packs
7 lbs of Steaks
5 lbs. of Roasts
Average price is $18/lb

1/4 Beef Box

70-80 lbs of Beef
45 lbs. of Ground Beef in 1 lb. packs
14 lbs. of Prime Steaks
10 lbs. of Roasts
5 lbs of Short Ribs & Brisket
Average price is $15/lb.

1/2 Beef Box

150 - 160 lbs. of Beef
100 lbs. of Ground Beef in 1 lb. packs
30 lbs. of Prime Steaks
30 lbs. of Roasts/Ribs/Brisket
Average price is $13/lb.

Ground Beef

Our ground beef is sold in 1 lb. packages, with a minimum order of 6. We offer our standard premium ground beef as well as a ground beef and organ blend.

Seasonal Boxes

Depending on the season, we offer boxes of pre-packaged prime cuts. You can expect a BBQ/Grilling box in the summer, a Slow Cooker box in the fall, and a Holiday Seasonal box in the winter.

"As a professional athlete and personal trainer I am always looking for the healthiest, cleanest protein available.  Hyndman Beef has been my go to for the past year now. Keeping their Ground Beef Organ Blend on hand is a must for me."

Brian F. Personal Trainer/Triathlete, Boise Idaho