Collection: Beef Shares

Experience the unmatched flavor and quality of 100% grass-fed and finished Highland Beef with a Hyndman Peak Beef Share. Our family ranch in the heart of Idaho's Wood River Valley raises these majestic cattle with respect for their well-being and the land they graze. The result? Exceptionally flavorful, nutrient-dense beef that surpasses anything you've ever tasted

Our Bulk Shares

Apartment Box

15-17 lbs. of Beef
Ground Beef & Prime cuts
Average price is $20/lb.

1/8th Beef Box

35 - 40 lbs of Beef
25 lbs of Ground Beef in 1 lb. packs
7 lbs of Steaks
5 lbs. of Roasts
Average price is $18/lb

1/4 Beef Box

70-80 lbs of Beef
45 lbs. of Ground Beef in 1 lb. packs
14 lbs. of Prime Steaks
10 lbs. of Roasts
5 lbs of Short Ribs & Brisket
Average price is $15/lb.

1/2 Beef Box

150 - 160 lbs. of Beef
100 lbs. of Ground Beef in 1 lb. packs
30 lbs. of Prime Steaks
30 lbs. of Roasts/Ribs/Brisket
Average price is $13/lb.

Ground Beef

Our ground beef is sold in 1 lb. packages, with bulk options available for our standard and organ blends.

Seasonal Bulk Boxes

Depending on the season, we offer boxes of pre-packaged prime cuts. You can expect a BBQ/Grilling box in the summer, a Slow Cooker box in the fall, and a Holiday Seasonal box in the winter.

  • Order Online

    Decide which Beef Bundle best fits your family,  whether it’s an ⅛ share, ¼ or ½ share, you will find a variety of cuts in each size bundle and place your bulk beef order online today.

  • We Raise Your Beef

    Our Regeneratively raised Highland Beef live out on pasture, in a low stress environment to ensure the highest quality beef for your families dinner table.

  • Delivered to You

    Convenient options to have your beef delivered, shipped, or come by the ranch for local pickup.


What does Grass Fed and Grass Finished really mean?

As long as cattle are fed grass at any point in their life, a meat producer is within their legal rights to label that meat as “grass fed beef” Almost all cattle on conventional feed lots are fed grain in order to fatten the animals quickly, thereby rushing their natural development process.  Grass finished assures you that the beef you’re about to purchase was sourced from cattle that ate grass for their entire life, right up to the point of being harvested.  Our cattle at Hyndman Beef are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, which means they spend their lives eating grass and nothing else.  No grain or grain by-products. Just grass. 

Will my meat share come from one single cow?

Your meat will all be from one  cow!  This is one  of the perks of buying direct from your own rancher, you can rest assured that all of your meat is coming from one single animal.  We harvest in small batches, usually only 1-2 animals at a time and each animal is tagged, numbered and packaged as one.

Is your beef organic ?

Our cattle graze on wild native Idaho grasses whenever it is not covered by snow.  All of the pastures and rangelands we graze on are free of any sprays, fertilizers or pesticides. We utilize regenerative practices whenever possible and use rotational grazing where needed to prevent overgrazing for better soil health and animal health.  In the winter months our cattle only eat non-sprayed Grass Hay grown locally. We eliminate the concern of being “organic” by going beyond and operating a natural process where our cows only eat and grow how nature intended.

Do you ever give antibiotics or hormones to your cattle?

Our beef herd is antibiotic and hormone Free. Which means we do not administer antibiotics and no growth hormones are used in the raising of our cattle.  We do believe in keeping our herd healthy and thriving and we prefer to do that as naturally as possible with a ”less is more” mindset. 

How old are the  cattle that you are harvesting?

Our grass-finished cattle are usually between 22-30 months old.  Highland cattle are able to gain & marble well on grass only, which makes them an excellent choice in a grass finished program.  Highlands are slow maturing creating fine textured and succulent meat.

How does ordering beef in bulk from you work?

1.Decide which Beef Bundle best fits your family,  whether it’s an ⅛ share, ¼ or ½ share, you will find a variety of cuts in each size bundle.

2.Check out online and pay to reserve your share.

3.We will reach out when we have received your order and when your beef is ready for delivery.

4.If you live in Blaine County we will contact you for your address and make arrangements for Free delivery.

5.Enjoy your delicious 100% grass-finished  Hyndman Beef.